Check in, Day -342.

Today is not a great day. Started off incredibly tired (failed to mention that I am a major insomniac!) and today getting up was a struggle.

Off to the doctors for a blood test. I was diagnosed as diabetic in November last year, which goes some way to explaining the tiredness I constantly have, so I’m periodically having fasting blood tests to see if some medication is helping at all. I also have low potassium to watch out for. Someone once said to me that if I was a horse I’d have been shot by now. Luckily I am not a horse.

The day so far has not improved as I ate 2 packets of super noodles with a dollop of philidephia and some BBQ sauce for breakfast before I even realised what I was doing. When hunger strikes me (especially since I had to not eat for the fasting blood test) I become an animal and will eat whatever is nearest.

But I will plough on.

Tycho’s current specification is: Waist is 117cm (46inches), Chest is 120cm (47inchs). Current weight is 105.7kg, which when combined with my height gives me a BMI of 31.5 :

Wow. I’m fat.

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