Walk run programme

Tomorrow I’m starting a gentle introduction into jogging.  I’ve tried it before and had good results, before becoming lazy so the plan this time is keep going.

The plan is to walk briskly for 4.5 minutes then jog for just thirty seconds. Then repeat 5 more times for a total of 30 minutes exercise. I do this 4 times in the first week.  The second week I increase the jogging component to 60 seconds and reduce the walking component to 4 minutes. Each week I increase the jog by thirty seconds until eventually I am able to jog for a full thirty minutes (which at the moment is impossible).

I like this plan because it is flexible.  If I hit a particularly hard week (say I just am not fit enough to jog for 2 minutes on week four)  then I can drop back and repeat the week before. It is gentle but moves towards a solid goal.

I’ll snap a few pictures along the way,  I live in a particularly pretty area of the UK.


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