Stiff (not in a good way)

Man, I’m starting to feel the exercise now. Being as heavy as I am the squats are tearing my legs! 🙂

But I went for a fast walk today up and down hills for just under half an hour after doing some exercises at home. Got a good sweat on doing them too. It’s good to feel my heart getting a little work out!

I’m definitely feeling my body more this last week.

On the food front, the last 2 days have been extremely well behaved, with a protein meal in the morning (as it makes you feel fuller for longer) and a normal meal in the evening. No snacking!


Feels like the proper first day

Wow. Yesterday was full of good things. Not only did Germany beat Brazil 7-1 ( Wut?! ) but I got some great advice and an offer of help from my friend.

He’s given me a number of small exercises to do, each morning, to start building up strength and core muscles. He’s also offered to train me and give encouragement. Which is more than I could have hoped for.

3 reps of:

  • 10 Push ups (from the knees, my little arms aren’t up to the task yet!)
  • 10 Sit ups
  • 10 Squats

It probably sounds terrible to anyone reading this, but I did it and felt quite good about it. It will take me time but starting is part of the journey.

I also completed the first walk run this week, and I’ll go again on Friday and Sunday. Just to document, I walked for 4 and a half minutes then jogged for 30 seconds. Each week the jog is increased by 30 seconds. 

The result of the walk/run (or W/R) is I realise how heavy I am. Everything is moving, my moobs, my cheeks, my belly. It is not a pleasant feeling.

But after nearly a week of eating better and moving more I weigh 104kg.

It’s going to be a long road.


A meeting

I’m on a bus on my way to meet a new friend.  He’s a martial arts instructor,  personal trainer and stunt man. 

We are having dinner,  which in itself is a nice thing as he is a real interesting character but I have other plans for our conversation.

I’m a bit of a social chameleon, and have always believed that you are your friends.  So the plan is to meet some new people who are more physically active than I and to see if it rubs off.

So I will admit my plan to him and see what he thinks.  Sounds very odd this but I’m getting to the point of desperation.


Mini update

Right, some small updates then tomorrow a bigger one.

Eating a little better although not much. I need to cut out a lot of foods from my diet, mainly because of diabetes. So by bread for one. Just felt so dam tired the last few days…

But activity has been more so that may account for it.

I walked 5.97km on the 5th, 2.16km on the 6th and 4.57km today. Not fantastic but better than I have been (yes, shocking).

I’m going to start documenting my food as and when I eat it, so expect photo’s of the most boring type.



Had oxtail soup and 3 pieces of wholemeal bread with some philieadephea on.  Not a great breakfast but it filled me up. 

It’s fairly damp outside,  been raining but I decided to go for a walk around the fields and walk off breakfast.  Managed 5.97km in 1 hour and 8 minutes.  Apparently burned 575 calories while at it,  which is nothing to laugh at! So I’m pleased but just so dammed tired all the time.

The walk/run starts on Monday,  my partner has agreed to do this with me,  which is better (harder to bail out!).

Anyway,  time to get dry and clean.


Walk run programme

Tomorrow I’m starting a gentle introduction into jogging.  I’ve tried it before and had good results, before becoming lazy so the plan this time is keep going.

The plan is to walk briskly for 4.5 minutes then jog for just thirty seconds. Then repeat 5 more times for a total of 30 minutes exercise. I do this 4 times in the first week.  The second week I increase the jogging component to 60 seconds and reduce the walking component to 4 minutes. Each week I increase the jog by thirty seconds until eventually I am able to jog for a full thirty minutes (which at the moment is impossible).

I like this plan because it is flexible.  If I hit a particularly hard week (say I just am not fit enough to jog for 2 minutes on week four)  then I can drop back and repeat the week before. It is gentle but moves towards a solid goal.

I’ll snap a few pictures along the way,  I live in a particularly pretty area of the UK.


Check in, Day -342.

Today is not a great day. Started off incredibly tired (failed to mention that I am a major insomniac!) and today getting up was a struggle.

Off to the doctors for a blood test. I was diagnosed as diabetic in November last year, which goes some way to explaining the tiredness I constantly have, so I’m periodically having fasting blood tests to see if some medication is helping at all. I also have low potassium to watch out for. Someone once said to me that if I was a horse I’d have been shot by now. Luckily I am not a horse.

The day so far has not improved as I ate 2 packets of super noodles with a dollop of philidephia and some BBQ sauce for breakfast before I even realised what I was doing. When hunger strikes me (especially since I had to not eat for the fasting blood test) I become an animal and will eat whatever is nearest.

But I will plough on.

Tycho’s current specification is: Waist is 117cm (46inches), Chest is 120cm (47inchs). Current weight is 105.7kg, which when combined with my height gives me a BMI of 31.5 :

Wow. I’m fat.

What I have to work with.

Hmm. Sorry, this just will not do. 

I have creases where there should not be any.

Jesus, I look like a sack of potatoes. 

Starting here, do not want to be here again.

Note to anyone not me. This blog is for me,  a diary. I’m happy to share but just so you know…

It is just short of 350 days to my 40th birthday. Let me describe myself a little. I’m 1.83 meters (6 feet) in height and weigh just short of 108kg (238lbs). I’m rather fat (with moobs), very unhealthy (both in diet and in fitness). And I’ve been like this for 15 years.

Over the past couple of years I’ve tried to adjust myself but have not been successful. I do not have a body which wants to work with my mind, rather against it.

My mind itself is rather fat and unhealthy as well. I have been on anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication for 10 years on and off. I’ve also been diagnosed with OCD. I have now been referred to adult autistic services for diagnoses as well. Both body and mind fat, flabby, flawed and uncontrolled.

So I’m making a kind of commitment to myself that by my 40th birthday I will be fitter (in both mind and body) than I have been for the past 20 years. And I intend to document that here. I’ll update my body measurements and the exercise I have done, with words and pictures. I’ll also write a little about the day, feelings and how my flawed mind feels. Over the next year, I have a lot to change, many habits to form and break.